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Minecraft Blocks

For my first projects blog post I will share one of my most recent projects. For Christmas my son got the game Minecraft. He got the game after talking about it for a couple of months because one of his friends is really into it. Since then my entire family has become a little obsessed with Minecraft. They like to play the game, read the wiki, and watch gameplay videos on YouTube.

One of the videos I saw them watching was a guy who had made his own Minecraft blocks. I thought they looked cool and would be really easy to make.

I purchased a container of 1 inch counting blocks on Amazon (102 blocks). I then extracted the Minecraft textures from the game files and sized the textures to 1 inch and printed them off. After that it is just cutting and gluing. I also plan to seal them with something to make them last longer. I am still deciding if it should be a clear coat spray or something like Mod Podge. So far I have 6 blocks done. Only 96 more to go.

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