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Custom Dice

This is a continuing project that started about a year ago or so. I have always wanted to do custom dice for the different games I play as well as custom games. Custom dice online were always too expensive so I started looking at options for making my own. Nothing I looked at seemed good enough for what I wanted until I discovered laser engraving. However getting into that is super expensive as well. But in the process I discovered a local service that does this. The company I found is COOLaserCraft run by Jim Puentes.

Jim has a great service and is very affordable. He is pleasant to work with and was very accomodating to what I wanted to do. I can't recommend him enough.

I have had him do a few things for me but the most recent was engraving some Heroscape dice for me. Heroscape is a game that uses modular plastic map pieces and figures to play epic battles. The dice feature a skull and shield for attacking and blocking. The dice from the game are getting a little old and the images are starting to rub off. I had Jim etch the symbols I needed into acrylic cubes and then rub paint into the recessed area. This makes the image almost impossible to rub off. The laser is able to do very fine detail and I am pleased with the result.

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