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Millenium Falcon 3D Puzzle

It has been a while since I wrote a project post so in honor of that I will talk about a project that has taken me almost 20 years to complete.

In high school I was given a 3D puzzle of the Millenium Falcon. At the time I opened it up and put some of it together. At some point I put it back in the box because I didn't really have the room to leave it out and work on it. Over the years the box has moved with me cross country through many different homes. Room was always an issue but as my wife and I started to add kids then it became even harder to bring out a puzzle where little hands could grab the pieces.

Finally I live in a home where I have a workspace but had not thought of my puzzle in years. Someone at work got a 3D puzzle and it sparked my memory. I pulled it out and spread it on my work table.


It is an 857 piece Super Challenging (according to the box) puzzle. It certainly was challenging for my first 3D puzzle. I worked in the evenings and other spare moments I could grab. It went slow at first and was frustrating but things started speeding up as I completed more of it so the excitement started growing. Eventually I got all the puzzle parts finished and it was time for final assembly.


I thought the hard part was done but assembly was a little challenging due to poor instructions. Eventually I got it figured out and I am very pleased with the results.

After almost 20 years and only 5 pieces missing (amazingly) here is the final result. Model is over 2 feet front to back.


I hope you like it.

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