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Chicago Bears Logo

This is another project that has been in the works for a long time. I finally got motivated to get it done. It is a gift for my older brother that was commissioned by my mom. The piece of wood sat in my basement for a while. My brother and his family came to visit recently so I made the effort to get it done before they got here.

My first step was to get an appropriately sized image of the logo. I converted it to a vector image to get nice clean lines and then I printed it in reverse so I could transfer the image to the wood. Reversing the image makes it show correctly after the transfer. The transfer didn't go very well. Usually I use a wide, flat tip to heat up the paper and that transfers the toner to the wood. I am not sure why but it just wasn't working this time. So instead I traced the image with a thin Sharpie and it bled through onto the wood.

I traced all the lines with a chisel tip on my wood burning tool to give me nice lines. Then I would use the flat side of the chisel to burn across the wood to fill in the shapes.

I think it turned out pretty good. He really liked it. I told him I had planned to stain it but he said he liked the raw look.

Logo in process

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